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Hello everyone - it´s Christmas soon! 

My good friend Doris, who you may remember as last week´s manager of EnglishBrno Facebook fanpage, reminded me of this cute cartoon character Charlie Brown today. Watch his little Christmas story (3:25min):

Did you like it? If yes, tell me on Facebook.

The Christmas competition

Let´s play a game. I want you to imagine that you live around the corner from me and you want to give me a Christmas present. Because that´s what people do in my country at Christmas - they give each other presents and joy to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The story goes that when Little Jesus was born, many came to celebrate with gifts. So, in the Czech Republic, it´s not Santa Claus or Father Christmas, but Little Jesus who brings presents to kids. How about you step into Little Jesus´s shoes and bring me a present - a virtual one? That would be the best reward for me for keeping you all busy with English for free in 2010, for some only few weeks and others since February when I founded the page.

So if you like this idea, find a photo of that Christmas present on Google Images  or in your own photo albums and post it on EnglishBrno´s Wall, with the reason why you want to give me this present for Christmas. It doesn´t have to be a material gift (although I do like nice cars and pretty shoes ;), it can be a spiritual gift or some kind of an "experience" gift (maybe a visit to your city?). It´s all up to you!
Others can vote for you by clicking the "Like" button, both on the Wall and in a Photo Album called "A Christmas Competition" which I will regularly update with photos of new presents.The author of the photo with most "Likes" will be the winner. EVERYONE who participates in the competition will receive a personally made Christmas CD by me, Nina, with my favourite Christmas songs. It will be delivered to your home if you give me your postal address.

Among my favourites is this one:

The winner will get both the CD and a SURPRISE CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Are you curious what it is? How about a quality online English course with my guidance? Would you like something like that?

COMPETITION DEADLINE: Sun 5 December, 2010

If you want to get the most votes (=win), tag your friends on the photo you upload on the Wall and/or tell them to come vote for you in the Photo Album. Once again - the votes count from both, the Wall and the Photo Album.

I am very excited about your Christmas presents!!



Anonymous said...

have never heard of this Charlie Brown:) a nice guy though:) thanks, Nina:)

Julia Bay

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