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10 Best Websites for Teaching English

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If you are an English teacher, you are a BUSY TEACHER. 

Here is my personal pick of the top 10 websites which I find extremely useful in my teaching. Please, feel free to add your favourite websites for teachers in the Comments. They might be completely different!

Best resource websites - lesson plans/ideas for busy teachers

If you don´t know Onestopenglish.com, you are most probably not an English teacher. The "Number one for English language teachers" is now celebrating their 10th anniversary with a free e-book full of great lesson plans. The link will take you to the download site.

Jamie Keddie
I have been taking advantage of ESL Flow.com ever since I started teaching. You will find tons of  links to lesson plans and worksheets there, on any possible topic.

ESL Discussion.com is one of my favourites if I run out of inspiration when thinking up questions to accompany my lesson´s topic, perfect for lead-ins or pair discussions. Downloadable both in Word and Pdf.

Lesson Stream is a fantastic new website by Jamie Keddie, a rising star in the TEFL biz, full of free lesson plans. You gotta love the structure, the search options and the evaluation system!  

Web 2.O teaching/learning teaching

Edukwest is  Kirsten Winkler´s videoblog where she interviews leaders from the online language education world, focusing on Web 2.0 technology and interesting start-ups. Kirsten Winkler is a language teacher from Germany who, apart from Edukwest, also runs an award-winning edublog at Kirsten Winkler.com.

Teaching English.British Council has always been a great resource site of mine for different methodology ideas and educational activities. This is their must-follow FB page for every English teacher, it inspires me with their posts every single day when I enjoy my morning coffee.

André Klein writes englightening and thought-provoking articles with a fasctinating speed. I can´t get enough of his writing, I usually print his articles out and read them during my lunch break. He focuses on Social Media and online teaching.

Edupreneurs Club is a FB group for innovative/innovation-seeking teachers, I suggest to join if you are into Web 2.0 teaching and feel the need to belong. 

Macmillan´s Dictionary Blog. I´ll admit I am a fan of Macmillan, always have been and probably always will be. Lots of food for thought and ideas about the English language, written in an entertaining way, by many different bloggers.

Do you want to start teaching online?

Wiziq is currently the biggest platform for teachers to conduct webinars for students from around the world. The first ten webinars are free, afterwards you pay 10 USD/month. You can teach for free or charge whatever you like, it´s up to you, and you can save your webinars by recording them and adding them to your profile on Wiziq or link them to your website.


Anonymous said...

i will start EOT books soon!

reyniel said...

I am starting EOT books soon!

anevie said...

“EOT books soon!”

Anonymous said...

i liked the page of lessonstream i really recommend it

Anonymous said...

I've also found this site very helpful. Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals.

Elise Thompson said...

If your school has computers, Launch Pad: Where Young Authors and Illustrators Take Off! (http://www.launchpadmag.com) publishes stories, poetry, book reviews, and art by kids ages 6-14. The site also includes writing and art tips for teachers and their students. It is free.

Kids ESL said...

Great stuff. I also wrote about some companies here where you can teach English online http://www.kidsesl.net/2015/02/teach-english-from-home.html

Деян Кривошеенко said...

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cool website https://thebestsites.com/ im sure you will be happy have a nice day!

andrew said...

ESLgames.com offers games and activities aimed at adult learners which makes it a little different.

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