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"My most interesting Facebook friend" COMPETITION

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Write 10 to 1000 words about the most interesting friend you have found or made on Facebook. For example something like this:

"Since singing up on Facebook, I have reunited with many old friends, both from my hometown and abroad, whose lives I keep up with thanks to our status updates, photos and videos. Without Facebook it wouldn´t have been so easy to see them get married, have kids, travel the world or witness break ups and new job opportunities. I even conected with a few ex-boyfriends ;).

Despite my initial hesitation to befriend people I do not know personally, I have gradually made some great connections among "strangers". And there is one who definitely stands out from the crowd. Her name is Eva.

About 5 months ago Eva contacted me about an error correction of her school essay in English. I gladly agreed because the topic was intriguing and she seemed to know her stuff, she just needed to brush up her style, grammar and vocab. We soon started chatting on Skype as well, sometimes with a webcam, first discussing academic writing, later exchanging ideas about Facebook, life abroad and even our personal lives.

I have never met Eva in person because she lives in Holland, over 1000km away. I don´t know if we would become friends in real life, have we been given the chance. But since I spend quite a bit of time online now, I don´t really care. I know that I can always rely on her if I need a piece of advice or just vent about silly stuff on a bad day. She´s a girl with a style who is not afraid to speak up her mind. I hope one day we shake hands and she meets my daughter."

Publish your piece of writing HERE in the comments so that others can now vote for you with the "Like" button.

The first three with most "likes" can choose to receive:
- a coursebook on a chosen level with a CD-ROM
- a DVD in English (genre options: Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Document)
- a conversation lesson with me on Skype
- a 2-lesson writing course with various tasks which I will correct for you

THE DEADLINE: 22 August 2010

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