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EnglishBrno 1st Newsletter

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Starting this month I am going to be sending out my own newsletter. Here is a copy of the first issue. Should you be interested in receiving my newsletter, please, email me at nina.englishbrno@gmail.com. 

Hello and welcome to my first newsletter!

You are receiving this newsletter because you are either a friend, a student or a colleague who I think might benefit from my English learning tips. Here you will find news about the latest trends in language education and my English teaching world - both online and offline.

I will send you the newsletter at the beginning of each month. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter, please, reply "No, thank you" to this message.  


As most of you know, I am an English teacher who likes to do things a bit differently. I am a big fan of learning through video, I make videos myself and I encourage my students to watch and learn from videos. So most of my tips and links will include a video. I believe it´s the shortest and most effective way to learn something new.


Kurz zážitkové angličtiny > http://bit.ly/nahravky
I completely re-arranged my way of teaching, threw the coursebooks away and it works wonders. Listen to the progress my students have made in my new local course "Kurz zážitkové angličtiny". The new course starts on 14 September, in Brno. Students of intermediate+ level are being accepted now.

English With Film > http://bit.ly/EnglishWithFilm
I am planning a series of weekend courses in the coming semester where we´ll work with films and sitcoms. This is a course for students who feel more or less confident speaking in English, intermediate+ levels. Click on the link to see how I work with film. The course starts on 1 October, in Brno, students are being accepted now.

How I started to speak English >http://bit.ly/JakToZacalo  

I recently revisited Bristol, UK where my English learning process started, back in 1990 (I was 11 years old). I made a video from our family holiday and also recorded a very interesting interview with our friend, prof. Robert Porter, who speaks fantastic Czech and lectures on Czech and Russian literature.


Present Perfect > http://bit.ly/PredpritomnyCas
Last year I started recording myself on camera, explaining English grammar in a simple way. All my videos are under 3 minutes. Enjoy the latest one I made on Present Perfect.

Which accent to use > http://bit.ly/WhichAccent  
This is a video done by a crazy British man called Mr Duncan. I consider Mr Duncan´s Youtube channel a perfect add-on to your studies, his videos are fun, very informative and all subtitled.

What is Web 2.0? > http://bit.ly/WebDvaNula 
Watch this 11-min video lesson to learn about the basic idea and vocabulary behind the Web 2.0 concept.


EnglishCentral.com > http://bit.ly/EnglishCentral
This is an absolutely unique website which all my students instantly fell in love with. Watch short videos, all subtitled, and record yourself speaking them, practise vocabulary and improve pronunciation. 
Next month - where to practise English in Brno for free, how to improve your speaking skills and a competition! I will also have some new openings for online lessons with me.

Feel free to contact me anytime, via email or one of my social media websites (see below).

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reddogrog said...

You are like wonder woman! Getting fit and losing weight. FB followers, great lesson plans, now a news letter I can not keep up!

Stavroula Haritou said...

this is trully inspiring!

Nina said...

Thank you both for your wonderful response and support! Any ideas for improvement are most welcome!

Stavroula, where are you in Greece and are you a school teacher?

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