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From 12 January till 25 May I led a course called "Kurz zážitkové angličtiny" which I translated as "English Without Books" since we didn´t use any books and most of the activities were conversational, real-life events where students got to interact with native and international speakers. Apart from in-class time the students followed a self-study programme consisting of English Out There (EOT) lessons, English Central videos, graded readers, tv sitcoms and movies and posts on my FB page.

I recorded the students two weeks into the course and the last week of the course, exactly 4 months after. Judge for yourself how much they progressed, three of them gave me the permission to publish their recordings. Here they are:

Meet Tina - a secondary school student whose parents have been supporting her language education since her kindergarden years. Tina is a highly talented and motivated smart young lady who loves learning new things. Unfortunately she is quite unhappy about her English lessons at school, she says they´re a waste of time as the teacher never gives them the opportunity to speak, all they do is follow boring grammar/vocab exercises and write tests. Tina feels she has benefited from the course especially when it comes to promptness and fluency.

Zuzka was our sunshine. Always happy to talk to everyone, always smiling and full of positive energy. The teachers loved her and she easily made friends with the rest of the group. Zuzka works in a job where she needs to speak English on the phone and had always been shy to do so. She is also a big fan of movies and sitcoms but never watched them without Czech subtitles on. I believe recording over 160 short videos over at English Central played a big role in her listening skills improvement.

I have never seen anyone work as hard on their English in such a short period of time as Lenka did. At the beginning of the course she hardly understood what people around her were saying, she had troubles putting a simple sentence together and she was lost in all the coursebooks and courses she had attended prior to this one. During the course she was promoted at work and was offered to attend two training events abroad due to her English speaking skills improvement. Lenka quite rightly won the best student award (and 50% of the course fee back), don´t you think?

I´d love to hear your feedback on the students´ progress, please comment below.

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If you´re interested in learning more about the course, have a look at my other blog posts about the course. In September I am opening Kurz zážitkové angličtiny 2 so let me know if you want to participate. It´s women only :)


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