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Cooking in English

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Our second native speaker event of our English Without Books  course took place in my kitchen as it was time to COOK IN ENGLISH! 

My dear friend and teacher colleague Matt Bleson, who is a wonderful cook, originally from India, agreed to carry out a cooking lesson with my students.

And it went very well... Watch the video:

If you want to prepare the meal yourself, here is how (the recipe was put together by the students):

2 small pieces of ginger
3 pieces of garlic
600 grams of the chicken (boneless)
Red pepper
Sunflower oil
Chopped tomatoes
3 cans of coconut milk
500 grams of Basmati rice
750 ml of water
1 lemon
Parsley leaves (herb)

    • Cut chicken into cubes
    • Crash the garlic and ginger into paste in a Martar with a Pestle
    • Peel the shallot and chop into pieces
Preheat a large enough pot
    • Pour sunflower oil into a pot
    • Add the garlic, shallot and ginger  into a pot and stir until the mixture is golden brown
    • Add  
            • a half of tea-spoon of coriander
            • a tea-spoon of red pepper
            • tiny bit of chilli
            • 6 teaspoons of chopped tomatoes
            • salt
    • Add the chicken and mix all the ingredients well so that the chicken is coated well with all the spices
            • 3 cans of coconut milk (450 ml)
    • Stir it and cover with a lid and boil for 15 minutes

    • Put 500 grams of Basmati Rice into a saucepan and add 750 ml of water
    • Add Salt
    • Cover with a lid and boil for 15 minutes (until all the water has disappeared)
    • After 15 minutes put 2 chopped Shallots into the saucepan, on the rice

    • Put a sliced-washed lemon on the plate (1 piece on each plate)
    • Chop herbs (parsley)
    • Put the rice into the middle of the plate
    • Pour the curry on one half of the Rice (one half is covered with a sauce)
    • Sprinkle some parsley on top

Enjoy your meal,

Nina, Matt, Zuzka, Léňa, Lenka, Zdeněk


Anonymous said...

Hi Nina and everyone, this session 5 was very funny and helpful for me. I have very big problem to remember words about cooking, but the real situation was (and IS in all cases)for remembering, understanding and every learning the best. Now I know words what I have not remembered before. And of course, I am happy that I know a original Indian Curry:-) Thanks Matt!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I like this lesson the most! I have same problem like Léňa, I can´t remeber words about cooking and this lesson helped me much and last session when we repeated these words was very helpful for me. I will never forget words like a lid, a grater or a mug :)). Thank you Matt and Nina for greatly prepared and organized cooking lesson :). Zuzka

Nina said...

Very happy to hear this, girls :).
The woman behind the camera ;)

Anonymous said...

where u can get that coriander?? i try to find out anywhere and it is nothing.

Ramin Mousavi | رامین موسوی said...

:D Ok ok teachers can cook too. but... I am a man :D ha I can not ignore this feature :D

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