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My dreams for 2011

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I have decided to write down my dreams for 2011, hoping to encourage and inspire you to do the same. Yes, it is quite a private matter, I realize that. However I am not ashamed of my dreams and neither should you be. 
The year 2010 has been a true roller-coaster and thanks to my daughter and the boom of social media, a true life-changer. I hope 2011 will be spectacular!


I want to feel healthier and lighter
I want to do fun aerobic exercise 1x a week
I want to find a good personal trainer
I want to follow a healthy diet
I want to eat nothing but healthy, tasty food.
I want to cycle a lot more (not only in Brno but the whole CR and Europe)
I want to spend less time on the computer and more time outside


I want to improve my written English and stylistics
I want to have an excellent website/blog that I L.O.V.E.
I want to be successful at teaching students to become independent learners
I want to learn how to be more organized
I want people to respect me for what I do for a living


I want to be a good parent, following natural parenting guidelines
I want to keep making new, interesting friends around the world
I want to be more giving in my relationship
I want to help my fiancé realize his dreams
I want my fiancé to have much more free time
I want to inspire others, especially to become happy and independent
I want to be strong enough not to worry about what people think of me


I want to read fiction every day for a minimum of 30min
I want to be used to reading about personal development on a regular basis
I want to meditate on a regular basis
I want us to be in the nature more

How about your dreams? Please, share them with me! 

Happy New Year and may you be strong and disciplined enough to work on your dreams,


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