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Free e-learning project on Facebook

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I have decided to post up something on the EnglishBrno FB page every day. Let´s call it a summer project :). It´s basically e-learning for free! If you are serious about your English, you will follow me and improve your English! (Because no one else can do this for you)

I´m going to update the EnglishBrno status with links for online exercises, videos, songs and discussion questions every single day. The programme will be regular and every Monday I will summarize the previous week here on my blog. So even if you aren´t a Facebook addict, you will be able to get to the links and discussions on here.

- Grammar refresh: any grammar aspect

TUESDAY - Build your vocab: a neverending story :)

WEDNESDAY - Learning teaching: tips for teachers

THURSDAY - Let´s sing in English: songs with lyrics

FRIDAY - Happening in Brno: cool events in Brno

SATURDAY - Movie of the week: film recommendations

SUNDAY - Opinion time: questions, discussions, ideas

The link to the Facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/EnglishBrnoCZ

Let me know how your English is doing! Any comments or question are MOST WELCOME!!!



Anonymous said...

great & excellent!!...

fatih said...

Hi ,
I am Fatih from the Netherlands. First of all, I want to congratulate you for your nice and diligent effort for the people who want to improve english. Actually, so far I have gained from my experiences about english, I can say that the best way of learning or let's improving it , is to talk to a person in english. Therefore, It will be funny as well as effective. It is better to avoid the learners from grammer as much as possible. In order to arrange people who only want to talk, you can start up a group and schedules for the people who are available on that day to speak. I would like to keep in touch with you and hope to discuss about english:)

Kind Regards

rahyal said...

I hope you enjoy being here I look forward to seeing your posts :)

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