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EnglishCentral.com videos are now sharable

Posted by Nina Hanakova |

This is great news. It is now possible to share all English Central videos on your websites, blogs or social media platforms. I see this as a perfect opportunity for blogging teachers who can build lessons around these videos. They are all subtitled and you can record your voice reading them out loud.

If you´ve never heard of English Central, I bet you 1000 USD that you´ll love it. Watch this video below, then this instructional video how to work with it and register for free to enjoy thousands of them. As a teacher fascinated by the recent changes in ELT methodology I couldn´t have wished for a better product.

Click on the PLAY icon and watch this 
1-min video. English represents hope
for a better future!

English Central also has a brand new FB fanpage and a blog which I find very useful. Way to go!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Nina, this is great news, I love EnglishCentral. This is a very helpfull page.

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